Me Cool SAE 20w40 API SL/CF
Me Cool SAE 20w40 API SL/CF

Me Cool SAE 20w40 API SL/CF is a heavy duty premium grade multi-grade petrol engine oil made from highly refined base stock blended with high quality detergent additives incorporated with selected anti-corrosion, antiwar, anti-foam, anti-oxidant additives which makes the oil most suitable for use in non-turbocharged diesel and petrol engines operating under high and low temperature conditions. These oil possesses improved performance characteristics due to excellent thermal stability, oxidation resistance and engine clean line.

Benefits And advantages:
• Reliable Engine protection
• Better alkalinity (TBN) retention and detergency
• Maintain optimum viscosity at different temperature
• Improved resistance to oil thick and oxidation
• Longer oil change interval
• Reduction of engine Wear & Tear
• Increased Mileage